Why I want to be the Chosen Juan?

Each one of us dreamed to have a free travel on all the possible travel destinations in the country. Now, Cebu Pacific Air is looking for the deserving the Chosen Juan who can have the chance to travel to 10 beautiful destinations anywhere in the CEBuniverse.

Everyone has the chance to be the Chosen Juan but not everyone can make the full use of it. Being the Chosen Juan should also make this not just a privilege but also as a responsibility to promote what the country has to offer all around the world.

If I will be the Chosen Juan, I will choose to travel the places within the Philippines. My aim is to promote the entire country to the world. I will not just travel for the sake of unwinding myself from the daily work I always do, but to promote each place I visit and influence every random people I meet to take good care of the beauty of the place and preserve its wonders – the oceans, the mountains and the old structures, everything within the country needs to be preserved and taken good cared of for the future generations to still be able to see how beautiful the land and they are currently living – the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

I love oceans, mountains and old historical structures. I wanted to help in preserving those wonders in any way I can.

If given the chance to be the Chosen Juan, I will coordinate with a specific school on a certain place to influence the students to take good care of the environment. Will be joining coastal cleaning and picking up trashes on the shore for those places who are on the coastal areas. However, on areas near mountains, I will be joining a tree-planting activity to help restore our mother earth.

How about you? If you will be the Chosen Juan, what would you do to make use of te privilege?

Comment your answer and let the world know how beautiful our countty is. ❤

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