It is safe to assume that we, millennials have no idea or haven’t heard about financial literacy. If there is an opportunity about it, we tend to neglect it because it is not interesting topic in the first place.
Yes, among all the millennials I have spoken with so far, including myself, we do not care about how we spend our money. Worst, what we always keep on our minds is that happiness, and our desire to buy whatever we want is what’s important.
Well, this is how our mindset works. We forgot to think about what our future might bring. And this is one painful reality we cannot deny.
Now, the question is, do we have stable jobs? Are we running our own business? Have we started investing?
The goal of this blog post is to share my own thoughts on how financial literacy could help millennials in achieving our goals in life.
Managing expenses is definitely a tough job. We are having a hard time understanding how money works and unaware that we are not spending it right.
Why am I talking about millennials in the first place? 
One of the main reason why this blog post focuses on millennials is because we comprises the number of population in the world, most especially in the Philippines. We are prone to financial issues due to lack of knowledge on how we should spend our hard-earned money. Another reality that we cannot deny is that, the reason why we keep on juggling from one job to another is because we are not satisfied with our salary.
Our mindset revolves only on getting employed, growing our skillset, courting a partner, having children and renting a property. The sad thing about it is that we only care about what will happen today and forget about what will happen in the future.
What’s next?
As a millennial, I am writing this not because I am a perfect money-spender. I am also one of those who are having a hard time spending my money and it came into the realization that I need to do something to end this never-ending dilemma about financial literacy.
We all aim to success. Success does not mean having a good job, having a good position and promoted in some ways. I would define success as a point in life where we do not have to worry about our future, that our lives are already secured and that money, even if it is limited, is spent in the correct ways possible.
Since we aren’t familiar about financial literacy, one effective option for us is to open our minds and at least plan ahead and get a Financial Advisor who can help us in planning ahead on what’s needed to be done and where our money should go.
Here are some of the options that we can choose to start living our lives to the fullest perfection:
Open our minds
Yes, we need to open our minds to the reality that we cannot rely on ourselves in planning where our money should go. There is a big need for us, millennials to seek for financial advice because managing our finances is definitely a very hard thing to do.
Track every peso coming in and going out
How do we know if our finances is spent well if we do not track where it was spent? This way, we realize the things that we don’t need and those that we need.
Be open for change
Once we have realized that we already have those mentioned above, there is an expected change on how we live our lives. Our lifestyle changes and we become more practical. That’s the best feeling ever as a successful millennial among all the millennials in the world.
Remember, all we need is the will for us to be able to get through this negative idea about us, millennials. We can make the negative impression to a positive ones. We can make a difference. And that difference, once achieved can be world-changing.
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