Movenpick Hotel – Have you ever dreamed of staying overnight on a very high-end hotel and resort? So do I. And now, It finally happened! I really did not expect to be here in this fabulous place.

Everything is because of the #iLuvCebuInstameet held last April 23, 2016 at Movenpick Hotel. I was just one normal participant who went there to meet new people and learn stuffs. I feel so blessed because during the event, there was a so-called photo contest and together with the team (Group 4), I captured one lucky shot, and it was chosen as the grand winner for that contest. The prize? A gift certificate that includes an overnight stay on a deluxe room  and a breakfast for two at the Sails Restaurant.

Now, I am going to share my awesome experience and hopefully you’ll like it!

On the way to Movenpick

I was with my sister the entire duration of the stay. I decided to board a jeepney instead of boarding a taxi because I anticipated that the traffic might charge me bucks and I can’t afford to pay that much. I am a budget explorer so paying too much for transportation is a big no-no for me. I find ways to look for alternatives and it ended up with a 2-hour trip.

We boarded a O1K jeepney from Colon and stopped at Parkmall to board a jeepney on the way to Engano. It was one long trip and still very thankful that we arrived safe.

Upon arrival

Of course, who would not be excited to arrive and experience how it feels like staying on a high-class hotel and resort. Too excited that the room door didn’t open immediately. Thanks to the Hosekeeper who helped us out in opening the door. 😀

I roamed around the room and saw how elegant is inside. I dreamed of my room to be like this tho. What’s best with the comfort room is that it has the hot and cold shower. I’ve always wanted to try hot shower over and over again. I’ve experienced hot showers as well before and what I like about the hot shower is that I find it relaxing. Although it is not supposed to be a big deal because almost all hotels have the same amenities as well.

Splashing time!

Of course, as I have been planning to go somewhere to swim, I did not miss this opportunity to dive on the pool and the sea. It was a feeling of relief tho :D.

The Instagrammable views 

My sister was my photographer that time and so as I am her photographer :D. We both took lots of beautiful shots and until we got tired. The weather doesn’t seem to be good, but it gave a very cold air, that you cannot even feel the heat of the sun.

Relaxing moments at the room

My sister had fun watching TV while I am busy doing my vlog and few blog posts drafts. It was so productive that I was able to write four (4) blog drafts and finished my vlog. The ambiance of the room is just so perfect at night. (Y)

Over-all, the experience was awesome! It was indeed a very sometimes-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you so much #iLuvCebuInstameet for the opportunity. ? I did not expect this. Much wow! ?

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