In today’s generation where education is still the most important factor that the parents like you can invest for your child, have you thought of where you are going to have your child spend all his pre-school and grade school days? These stage in life is actually the most important factor in determining the child’s fullest potential.

Now you should. It is not just about sending them to school and let them graduate. It is about bringing out the best of the best in them without you pushing them too much. There’s a very big difference between pushing your child to their limits and letting them naturally increase their wisdom and potential.

There are lots of factors to consider in choosing a school for your child and some of it should be the institution’s track record – that they should have already produced top-notch students with high moral value, that at an early age, the potential of becoming someone in the future is already there.

Here are the reasons why you should choose EC2 for your child’s education:

1. Smaller Class Size
We believe that the number of students per clas can affect the quality of education. Higher number of students per class compromises each student’s learning curve. They’ll get distracted on the noise and they might not be properly taken good cared of by the teacher since the attention of the teacher is divided into many students.

2. Higher Standard
We set high standards for all our staff and teachers to ensure that your child can gain high-standards of learning. We also believe that the experience of the teachers matter, so rest assured, the teachers that we have are good role models for your child.

3. Effective Curriculum
We are currently adopting and implementing IEP (Individualized Educational Program) to ensure that your child can have his/her field of expertise. We also have a Financial Literacy program to preoare your child in the fast-paced world.

4. Leisure and Learning
One of the school’s motto is “The world is our classroom”. But that does not mean that we only stay in the classroom. We help them see what the world really is through outdoor activities. We cannot bring a real eagle nor an elephant in the classroom, so we have outdoor programs for them to personally witness and experience the world for a better learning curve.

5. Everyone is our Family
Because of the number of students we have per class, we easily get to know and personally meet each of the child’s parents, in a way that we can personally update the parents and interact with them anytime, just like a family. Because in EC2, we are not just a school, we are also family.

For those parents who are now thinking of sending their child for grade school, EC2 is the perfect choice for your child’s education. This will be a good investment if you want your child to bring out the best of his/her abilities and knowledge and be ready in the fast-paced world.

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