I grabbed the opportunity to join a YOGA session for the first time ever. I thought of YOGA as equally the same as Zumba, but my first experience made me realize that YOGA is totally different from Zumba. I am really innocent in these stuffs lol.

I found out how YOGA would help us find our inner self. It is not just relaxing, rejuvenating renewing yourself, it is knowing on how to balance your life and knowing on how to avoid negativity.

Re-source YOGA experience with Rainbow Play Cebu

Re-source YOGA experience with Rainbow Play Cebu

The YOGA that I’ve experienced is not a typical YOGA we always see. In my own perspective (as what I understood), this is what we call Re-source YOGA, finding the energy in the main source, which is our body. I also learned that we need to be kids – it is essential and one of the most powerful way to find balance within ourselves. I may not be able to explain every detail of the session but the only thing I can say is that finding the right balance within ourselves really needs focus and put all your worries away like a child that plays.

Why do we get sick? On a YOGA perspective, we get sick because of the term “defiance of gravity”. I really cannot explain further about this, but on my own understanding, it is because of the tensions that our bodies get in defying gravity. From the head, to our shoulders down to our chest where we find the air in out body and up to the stomach where we find more of the heat coming from our body up to the legs and feet.

Sometimes, in order for our body to be restored and prevent those tensions to trigger our sickness, we need to be with gravity and find the right balance within ourselves. That’s how my experience went. It was awesome and wonderful. It made me find my inner self and helped me find the right balance in life.

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