From the streets to the mountains, from style and all the way to comfort and performance, there’s actually a lot of options for you to choose depending on the level of comfort or use you want.

Having been said, I was glad because I was invited to join the media preview of today’s leading lifestyle and performance brands, and yes, we are one of the few who have first witnessed the soon to be released collections from the brands like Merrell, Saucony, Skechers, Sperry and Keds.

And as mentioned, the brands have displayed their latest collections and they are as follows:


The brand that you can wear from the streets to the mountains and beyond.


The leading and pioneer in the industry for providing comfort and best performance for its athletes, definitely a good choice above all else.


A global performance and lifestyle brand endorsed by world-class personalities. Beyond everything else, proven and tested with utmost performance and style. You can never go wrong with Skechers.


Started designing the sneakers since 1916 and is considered as the Iconic Champion Sneakers and the Shoe of Champions made exclusively for women. The Weather or Not Collection that is water-repellant.


From the makers of the greatest Boat shoe, the Sperry 7 Seas is the latest collection that is inspired by the seas.

To summarize, whatever choice of footwear you want, it will always depend on the lifestyle you have – be it for indoors, outdoors, running, and extreme sports, you can get to choose anything that fits your lifestyle! All the brands have everything that you need.

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