OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

Summer is just around the corner and choosing your best summer #OOTD might be somehow stressful, once you get the chance to pick your daily summer #OOTD would definitely make your summer vacation more comfortable and on-point.

OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD
OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

Nailing your summer #OOTD will be he next thing that you can do and you should do. Hmmmp, it will depend on the #OOTD and your clothing preferences tho. Now, I’m gonna share with you my daily summer OOTD for 2017!

Denim Long Sleeves Polo – How I fell in love with Denim?

OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD
OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

It was during my entire college years when my eyes started to love the denim look. But unfortunately, because college days are also #broke days, I only got the chance to buy denim long sleeves polo when I started to work.

OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD
OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

I felt really happy and contented that it became my daily essential. I bought 5 Denim long sleeves polo just so satisfy my eyes and this is actually good for all sort of weather here in Philippines. So choosing the Denim long sleeves polo for my summer #OOTD is actually what I personally wanted.

The comfort it gives me is beyond what I expected. I thought of it as somehow very hot to wear because of the fact that it is a long sleeve but my expectation was wrong. Wearing the #OOTD actually very light and I could say that I nailed it! LOL :D.

What’s the best camera phone to use in taking your summer #OOTD photo?

Of course, your #OOTD shots will never look as decent if you’ll not going to use the best of the best camera phone. Taking #OOTD shots will be perfect if you’re going to use the all-new OPPO F1s seamlessly and decently. Your summer #OOTD’s will look very decent and professional with the OPPO F1s’ 16-megapixel front camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture that allows more light to enter the camera and enhances its sensitivity that lets you look natural even in low-light conditions.

It also has the beautify 4.0 that lets you the very best version of yourself. You can also choose the best filter using the OPPO F1s since it’s packed with bunch of IG-worthy filters you can use!

But at the end of the day, no matter how nice your summer #OOTDs are, the way how you wear your OOTD will always matter. Confidence is always the key to look good with your chosen summer #OOTD paired with the OPPO F1s, everything should go together hand-in-hand! Enjoy your summer with a picture-perfect summer #OOTD!

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