I am not a party person but this event is an exception because it is a party by the sea! Yes, this is the first ever party by the sea I attended and I find it new with my life.

Good music, good ambiance, wild people and everything in between! I enjoyed Jpark’s Recently concluded House-Kissed Havana by the Sea party!

To begin with, On the way to Jpark, I was with Sheena and we just tried our luck going there because to be honest I am not really familiar going to the venue. We boarded a jeepney with a “Soong” sign board and enjoyed the jeepney while on the way.

While on the jeepney, I took the risk of vlogging because why not? Vlogging on a jeepney is not a common one haha! And I just did! And I’m proud of it! 😀

When we arrived (finally !), we went to the lobby and mesmerized by the size of it! We met with Ms. Mars Espera of StarElite Productions for out tickets and registered. I was also able to meet Cyka Niki of cykaniki.com, my fellow CBC colleague and she is a beauty blogger/vlogger.

The place is Just as awesome as it is. As you guys can remember, Jpark was the venue of the Miss Universe 2016 so the expectations are high with this one and I could definitely say that this place rock it!

With the good disco music, I continued vlogging and documented the event.

And finally! The CBC team arrived and we had our dinner at The Abalone Restaurant. I took the most out of it and ate mostly the Japanese foods and I loved it!

After dinner, we then went to Havana to join the folks and enjoyed the rest of the night with awesome folks!

The Havana party was a blast! As mentioned, I am not a party person but I enjoyed it so much! At least, I learned how to be a party person haha! #RockItJpark

If you want to check how we enjoyed the event, check out the vlog below:

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