Living in the urban jungle is not easy. The traffic, the pollution, and everything around you are stressful. Living to survive as they say is what led everyone decide to live on a fast-paced urban living. Fast-paced that if you don’t cope up, you’ll get left behind and fall into the urban trap.

Speaking of survival in the urban lifestyle, good thing that there are certain products that offers comfort, convenience, security and over-all satisfaction.

Urbanize, with a tagline “Supplies for the Urban Adventure” offers variety of products that will help you cope up in your urban living. Personally, as someone who had lived in the urban area and considered myself as the multi-tasking expert, had experienced how tough it is. But, with the right gears and equipment, surviving in the urban jungle now made within the reach without hassles.

Here are the top 5 Urbanize items that would keep me hyped-up the entire day:

Urbanize Packit Backpack (Black)

Urbanize Packit Backpack. #IAmUrbanBrave

Being on-point on your daily lifestyle is now made possible with the Urbanize Packit Backpack. This gives comfort and style despite of the City’s hustles and bustles. This also makes you organized because of it’s internal organization compartment and it also fits 13″ to 15″ laptops.

Product Details

– Padded Shoulder Strap
– 2 Side Pockets for Umbrella or Water Bottle
– Padded laptop compartment
– Fits most 13-15 inch laptop
– Front compartment with built in internal organization

ARTIART – The mug that won’t fall over

ARTIART – The mug that won’t fall over. #IAmUrbanBrave

A mug with a clever grip-pad design that reduce spillage occurrence. I have tried spilling water on my paperworks and it sucks! This mug will not tip over if you accidentally knock into it. Just lift up straight and it will detach itself quickly and easily. It works on all flat and non-porous surfaces such as desks or tables. Its twin insulated wall keeps beverage hot for longer amount of time.

The Hydrapak

The Hydrapak. #IAmUrbanBrave

The story started with a belief that there is a better way to re-hydrate. From there, the Reversible Reservoir was born. Since then, it creates better hydration solutions for performance-driven people. In addition, this provides the solution that instead of bringing bulky water containers even if it is empty, now, it can only use a small space on your bag if it’s empty because of it’s flexible and portability feature.


The Espro. #IAmUrbanBrave

Espro loves to share how great a cup of coffee can be with innovation. So, they invented the Perfect Travel Brewer that delivers a superb coffee press brew anywhere you want it. ESPRO Travel Brewer gives that grit-free cup with ultra-fine filtration and perfect bean extraction system. Thus, your last sip tastes like the first one every time.  The leak-proof, easy to clean vacuum-insulated stainless steel vessel gives lasting warmth. Do, for those who loves coffee and adventure, the Espro is for you.


The KIKO. #IAmUrbanBrave

Not all wallets are created the same. This classic leather wallet helps gentlemen to stay on-point and stylish. With its slim feature, forget about those bulky wallets for your convenience.

How about you? What are the top 5 Urbanize essentials of your choice?

To know more, visit Urbanize website and Urbanize PH official Facebook page.

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