As a millenial, I find it hard to manage my finances. Yes, I have a day job, but managing it is somehow like another day job for me. Like I am working on two different field of expertise at the same time. It is frustrating that at some point I neglect managing it and let it go with the flow, which is wrong.
Yes, I have a bit of idea about financial literacy, but my knowledge lies only with the basic ones. Listing down incoming and outgoing finances, putting savings on the bank and invest on my small business. But most of the time, I fail, and what is maintained is only the monthly investment for my business.
In this regard, I want to mention why institutions and universities does not teach financial literacy to millennials? Do they realize the benefits of making millennials have a better idea on how to manage finances?
Right now, the reality is that, one of the reasons why millennials, despite having jobs after graduation still could not manage in spending the finances . Well, at least, for me, I have started my own small business and this is what matters.
For others, who are having a very hard time managing it, are always unsatisfied with their salary. With whatever work they have, they are always unsatisfied. And that’s the painful reality.
Well, for me, here are my thoughts about the benefits of financial literacy subject for millennials in every university:
They will learn where the money is going
We cannot deny the fact that millennials does not know where they spend their money. I am guilty of this and I want this to be corrected. I know this isn’t right.
They will learn when to stop over-spending
They will be able to learn to limit themselves in spending on things they doesn’t even need. They will learn to focus on what they need and what they doesn’t need.
They will learn to invest
Yes, learning financial literacy is learning where to invest. It is also learning to grow the money they worked hard for.
They will be contented
Once financial literacy will be taught and learned, the bottomline here is that, no matter how much the salary is, they will be able to be contented because they are not overspending anymore and they already know what to spend.
To conclude, I should say that financial literacy should be taught on universities to help students and their families improve their way of living.
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