Classic. Vintage. History. Those are the 3 words that I describe about Costabella. With its amenities and history, I already fell in love with it.

We were invited for a media event and when we arrived there, I did not expect to have that warm welcome. There was a band playing, we were given the handcrafted shell necklace, cold juice and the welcome towel. The certain act made me realize how Costabella invested with their employees. So far with hospitability, Costabella got the best among all hotels so far.

We were introduced on all their amenities and had the chance to visit their classically made hotel rooms that will surely make you feel like you are not in the City. What I love about their hotel rooms is that it is made with a touch of history – a combination of modern and vintage style that made me remember our house in the province that is very relaxing and pleasing to the eyes.

Another thing that I Iove about Costabella is that they have this “Sarimanok” displayed on all the common and public parts of the resort. As we all know with history, Sarimanok represents good harvest. I love how Costabella preserves history by integrating it with their amenities.

Another part of Costabella that I would crave to go back is their Lema Spa. The ambiance and the fragrance will give you that feels of going back to Philippines’ rich history.

Speaking of amenities, trying out their watersports activities that includes the banana boat and Jet ski is a must. The wind that blows on our face with the warmth of sunshine will make you love summer even more. The feels of falling so hard on the water with the banana boat is very pleasurable since I love the ocean so much. I will definitely try those amenities again the future. I hope they will add stand-up paddle boarding as well since when we went there, I wasn’t able to see paddle boards on the area. Yoga paddle boarding is an effective way to relax and find balance with one’s self.

Talking about foods? They all have it there. Whichever restaurant you will choose, each and every dish has their own unique taste that only Costabella has to offer. There’s nothing more I can say but Dining at La Marina, Brisa or Luna has never been this satisfying.

Aside from that, they also have a conference hall and board rooms where you can hold conferences, corporate meetings and events.

For inquiries and reservations, check out these information below:

  • Facebook: Costabella Tropical Beach Resort
  • Contact Numbers: (6332) 231-4244, 231-3273, 238-2700 & 495-1000
  • Address: Buyong, Macan Island, Cebu, Philippines
  • Email Address:
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