Aguinid falls: The Magic on Top

Have you ever been into a very mesmerizing, magnificent and one-of-a-kind magic of nature?

If not, you should consider visiting Samboan’s Aguinid falls – the stunning beauty of nature where river trekking and mini upstream canyoning are combined.

The magnificent and unique Aguinid falls isn’t just like those we see on TV. This may not be the tallest one, but it surely has the most adventure that gives us a great feeling of fulfillment when we reach the top. It has 6 levels and each levels has it’s own adventure which will be tackled below.

To start it all, I was with my friends Ate Kath, Meowk, Shiella and Daryl. We decided to go to Samboan to relax and unwind from the City’s stress.

1st Day…

We decided to meet at Cebu South Bus Terminal as early as we could but because of the conflict of schedule, we weren’t able to board as early as possible. We boarded via Sunrays Bus at around 1pm on the way to Samboan. The trip took almost 5 hours.

When we arrived at Samboan, we were supposed to stay in our small house located at Brgy. Cambigong, Samboan, Cebu. But because of the hospitality of our fellow Samboangnons, we were offered to stay on our neighbor’s house.

We savored the moment during our stay because it was also the Christening of my cousin’s daughter. So foods are everywhere! 😀

We roamed around our place and I let them experience how great it is to live in Samboan. We walked for about 300 meters to see the overlooking view of the sunset.

We went back to the house where we stayed and took our time to rest in preparation for the next day’s adventure! We are all so excited!

2nd Day…

We woke up at around 7am the next day, ate our breakfast and prepared our stuffs. It was the most exciting day of the trip!

Before we went to Aguinid Falls, we went to the park and took some time to take photos of the wonderfully crafted Campanario de Antigua, Samboan’s awesome watch tower and Jacob’s Ladder.

We then went to the Boluntaryo Monument to board a tricycle on the way to Aguinid.

When we arrived, we registered ourselves and had our things kept on the courtesy booth.

Tip: Don’t bring any valuable materials (e.g. cellphones, etc.) that are not waterproof if you don’t want to say goodbye to those precious stuffs. There is no way for you not to get wet while climbing the falls. So better safe than sorry.

We had our tour guide with us to accompany us in climbing the falls.

Aguinid Falls Level Zero…

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top (Excuse my derp face)

This level has the calmest river water and a smooth flowing mini waterfall. We can actually have our groufie here since the ambiance is really great. the chirping of the birds and the clapping of the leaves made us really rejuvenated – way different from the City’s horns and smokes.  We have to walk on a wooden bridge towards Level 1.

Aguinid Falls Level One…

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

This level has a moderate flow of water. You feel like your feet is being massaged by mother nature. This is the gateway to the most exciting and extraordinary  Level 2.

Aguinid Falls Level Two…

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

In order to reach the top, one should climb carefully this very steep rock formations (Don’t worry, the rock isn’t really slippery and it has something you can hold on to). What’s best with this level is that you are going to climb against the strong flow of water. Adrenaline rush, indeed.

Aguinid Falls Level Three…

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

On this level, everyone can experience a natural massage by the flow of water from the waterfall. All you need to do is to stand or sit or do whatever you are comfortable with and let the water massage your body. So relaxing! Before reaching the level 4, we have to climb a not-that-tall rock formation.

Aguinid Falls Level Four…

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top (LOL excuse this derp pose. Got no decent picture as of now.)

Among all the levels of the Aguinid falls, this is probably the only level that you can dive through it. It has approximately 6ft deep for you to plunge and experience a whole new level of adventure! And of course, the most awaited level, the level 5.

Aguinid Falls Level Five…

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

Aguinid Falls: The Magic on Top

This is for me, considered the most fulfilling level of the magnificent Aguinid falls. On this level, you can see a very beautiful and stunning rock formation. The feeling of fulfillment upon reaching the top is different – it’s incredibly awesome. It really feels so good to be on the top. The strong current of water adds the great feeling of accomplishment, massage and relaxation – a total package one should experience and appreciate.

Summary on how to get to Aguinid Falls:

  1. From Cebu South Bus Terminal, you board a bus going to Samboan. (Ceres Liner or Sunrays). The trip usually lasts 4-5hours with a fare of Php175.00. Students can avail of the 20% Student Priviledge. Just present your ID to the Conduktor/Dispatcher.
  2. For the registration, you have to pay only Php50.00/head for the entrance.
  3. You will be provided a tour guide the entire duration of the adventure. The tour guides doesn’t have a fixed compensation so it’s up to you on how much you are going to pay for your tour guide. I suggest you give the tour guide a minimum of Php100.00 for a 5-person capacity.

Additional input: Costs for the food and accommodation   are not included since everyone has different itineraries and food preferences. It’s up for you to prepare. It would be much better if you prepare an excess amount during the planning to avoid shortage of money.

I do hope you enjoyed reading the blog!

(For any concerns, comments or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box below. That would be very helpful to improve the blog. 🙂 P.S. This post will be updated every now and then.)

Thank you for reading it until here! Have a great day!

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